Fishing at Upper Bear Reservoir, Alabama
Upper Bear Creek Reservoir is known best for its black bass (largemouth and spotted) fishing, but crappie fishing, catfishing and bream fishing are good too. The lake is renowned for its trophy bass fishing. Fish over 5 pounds are common, with 8 pound and larger bass being taken each year. According to the 1995-2005 Alabama B.A.I.T. reports, Upper Bear has been ranked first-5 times and second-3 times, for the least number of angling hours exerted to catch a bass in excess of 5 pounds. In 2005, it took an average of 114 tournament-angler hours to catch a bass over 5 pounds, ranking it number 1 in Alabama. The spotted bass population is comprised of higher than average abundance of fish from 11-14 inches, and average abundance of fish over 17 inches. Spotted bass seem to be increasing in abundance and are now captured as frequently as largemouth bass. The crappie population on Upper Bear Creek Reservoir is characterized as a moderately dense population of fast growing fish. They reach 9 inches in length during their second growing season. To protect this fast growing population of crappie there is a 9 inch minimum size limit.

Upper Bear Creek Reservoir is an infertile reservoir with clear water. During the summer months the reservoir stratifies and the best oxygen levels are in the upper 8 feet of water and the majority of the fish will be in this zone. However, low (yet adequate) oxygen levels do exist down to 33 feet, but anglers should definitely avoid fishing any deeper than this. Traditional bass baits such as; crankbaits, spinnerbaits, jigs, and plastic worms all work well. Crappie can be located in brush tops or suspended above the old creek channel and can be enticed to bite small jigs or minnows.
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